D.J. Slatts Music and Light Show
D.J. Slatts Music and Light Show


The Small Show (Top)-Big Show (On Bottom)-2017


The History Wall at The Brown Door-502 (1963-?


This is how I move equipment today.
My show in 2015
My Small Show in 2015


The Small Switchbox custom made in 2014. Before that, I used the Big Switch box for all shows.


Custom-made Switchbox made in 2007,Remodeled in 2010 and added to in 2011.
Slatts Music and Light Show-2010

Gerri was hired in 2010 to sew backdrops for our show.

Paul Rolf was hired in 2010 as Sound and Light man. He stepped down the 16th of November 2015 due to medical and other.
Larry is my #1 fan and unpaid help whenever we are in town. He's been helping me since 2009.




This is what part of the show looked like in 2007-2009. This picture was taken during setup.

In the early 2000s alot changed. I hired Dawayne and Austin to help me. Dewayne hauled most of the equipment with his van And I hauled some of the small lights with my car. Austin helped on all the High School Venues where we had to watch what we played. All helped with Setup. We had alot more equipment by then and we were starting to play the larger venues along with the small. Austin is not pictured.

The late 80s/early 90s-I had Mark Marsh hauling and helping with setup. I now had to have a pickup and car to move equipment with.

This is the case that my 100 watt bulbs came in back in the 60s and 70s.
This was my first Lightbox that i ran lights with. I also had to run the D.J. Show that was setup on the other side of the stage. Pictured with it is my oldest daughter who was five back then.
This what my D.J. Booth looked like. It was on one side of the stage when we played.
My music and light show got it's start when asked to be Lightman and Dee Jay for the Sycos in 1977.
In 1963 I was asked to call Square Dances with my dad. This is where my career started.


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